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High Quality Bedroom Furniture


The bedroom place is a fantastic company who offer many different styles of furniture and different material furniture such as pine or plywood; these then split off into many different ranges. They have 4 different types of furniture which are Pine, Contemporary, hardwood and handmade; however there are also two other subheadings these are children’s bedroom furniture and bedroom furniture packages, so you could just buy stuff in sets. They have so many different furniture styles and colours to choose from that you should at least be able to find one that you like.

furnitureChoosing the perfect bedroom furniture is really hard, so you have to go through a process of choosing the pieces that you need and then going on to deciding the style after knowing what you want. So you can make sure the range you choose has what you want. When deciding the pieces of furniture you need, then you need to decide the style so hardwood, contemporary or pine. Next you need to choose a range which has all the pieces that you need, but also is the style you’re looking for. The best way to do it is start by choosing the pieces of furniture you definitely need, such as beds and wardrobes. This makes it easier for you to choose a range, and then you can see what other pieces they have in that range before choosing the rest.

In the contemporary bedroom furniture range, there’s Knightsbridge. Knightsbridge furniture also splits off into Knightsbridge teens. In Knightsbridge teens the colours available are red, pink, black and white. Then in Knightsbridge there are many colour finishes available these include sophisticated coloured glosses and mattes such as Kashmir, white, mushroom and ruby. In these ranges you can get beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers; as well as many other pieces.

In the hardwood bedroom furniture, there is a large selection of unique ranges; these include Oxford oak, Charlotte and the Phillipe. They a stunning, one of a kind range, called magical; this range is very creative and just amazing. This is designed to be children’s bedroom furniture. There are 6 hard wearing colours available in this range which is candy floss, custard cream, little boy blue, moon dust, white and night sky. In this range you can get pieces of furniture such as bedside cabinets, hutch style bookcases and cabin beds.

For pine they do many ranges such as Portobello which has a white washed finish, vintage which has a stunning 1900 style to it and Hampton which is your traditional styled furniture.